The Dutch artist Léon van Kuijk studied graphic, audiovisual and monumental design / arts at the famous Rietveld Academy. This multimedia background has a great influence on the extensive oeuvre of drawings, paintings and spatial objects that he has been making since then. From 2008, he also uses digital graphics and 3D printing technology.


Characteristic of his oeuvre is a clear, colorful and very personal visual language. In it he combines techniques from painting with graphic elements that are reminiscent of comic strip culture and pop art. Recurring themes are space, movement, utilitarian architecture, science, utensils, measuring instruments, remarkable vehicles, aircraft etc.


Van Kuijk is fascinated by the relationship that man has with the many artificial objects that she builds around her and collects, as if it were the new nature. In this endeavor, we constantly encounter interesting - and perhaps inevitable - paradoxes. From this simultaneously fantastic ability and inability of the nova creator, the surreal world arose in which we tumble over each other alive and dying, and we seem to have a problematic relationship with it.